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Tea Musk

Our Teas

To provide the very best assortment of teas, we consistently introduce new tea varieties to our loose leaf collection. In addition to luxurious versions of traditional teas, such as we provide specialist single-origin orthodox teas, flowering tea and outstanding tea blends. To complete the tea experience, we also offer a large selection of elegant tea ware and accessories collection, consisting teacups and specialist tea ware.


All our exquisite teas provide a luxurious treat for all the senses. Choose from a selection of  black tea’s, healthy green tea, aromatic jasmine teas, tender oolong, organic tea, calming herbal tea, tender white tea, flavoursome fruity teas and spicy chai tea.


Also An organic Darjeeling Green Tea from the oldest estate, this picking has a soothing, sweet, vegetal flavor  with hints of corn and avocado. Its aroma is that of green peas. 

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